Frequently Asked Questions

The first visit includes a consultation and an acupuncture treatment. I’ll ask you questions that will help me formulate a treatment plan, and during the treatment, I’ll insert thin, sterile needles into the relevant areas, after which you’ll rest for 20-30 minutes. Most people use this time to relax—some even fall asleep. If appropriate, I may use modalities such as cupping, moxibustion and gentle bodywork. Afterward, I may offer dietary and exercise recommendations.

Everyone experiences acupuncture differently. Some people feel only mild sensations during a treatment. Others may experience a stronger sensation. At the needle site or in another part of the body, you may experience a tingling, heaviness, warmth, dull ache, or pulsing feeling. This is normal and relates to the energy moving through the body. These sensations usually dissipate quickly.

You are in charge of your treatments, and you should feel free to let me know if you are ever uncomfortable in any way, as the strength of the sensation can be adjusted to a level that’s right for you.

The number of treatments depends upon the nature, severity and duration of your condition. For acute conditions, you may only need one or two treatments. For more chronic issues, a series of six to ten treatments may be required. If you have a condition that has been getting progressively worse over the years, you may need to continue treatments over a period of months. For very painful conditions, several treatments per week may significantly reduce the overall time needed to resolve the condition. If you would like to be seen several times per week, we can arrange a fee discount to make your care more affordable.

Even for people who are healthy, acupuncture can be a great way to maintain health and prevent problems, by strengthening the immune system and addressing potential health concerns at the beginning stages. Just as you take your car in for a “tune-up,” you do the same for your body.

The highest quality stainless steel disposable needles are used. The needles come in individually wrapped sterilized packets and are discarded after a single use. No needle is reused.

I purchase herbs from distributors with impeccable reputations for quality control. This assures that you will receive exactly the herbs you are prescribed and that they will be free from contaminants.

Would I benefit?

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is suitable for those concerned with the appearance and aging of the face and neck. It addresses deep wrinkles, fine lines, bags under the eyes, drooping eyelids, sagging, puffiness, double chin, large pores, dry skin or acne. Different methods are emphasized and specific points stimulated according to your needs. The whole person is treated and evaluated on the body-mind continuum–the foundation of holistic medicine.

What is the course of treatment?

FEach person responds differently. Generally, a course of treatment consists of 12 sessions, and it usually takes about seven sessions before the effects become most noticeable, and for the effects to last. Following the initial course, maintenance sessions can prolong the results for five to ten years. Facial self-massage and/or acupressure, facial exercises, herbal and nutritional supplements, pure and authentic aromatherapy blends, and a healthy diet are all great supplements to a Facial Rejuvenation program.

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