About – Philosophy

The history of Chinese Medicine is an ancient one, but the theory and practice remain as dynamic as the human body.  We are in a continuous state of reconciling, seeking a balance of reserve and flow, and the influences on us are many—seasons, place, lifestyle, work, family.  Everything is connected.   When we feel a sense of depletion or disconnection, we need treatment that recognizes this complexity.

When I meet a patient for the first time, I want to know about the area of discomfort, but I also want to learn about preferences, diet and daily activities.  No piece of information is irrelevant.  My relationship with patients is collaborative, and listening is the single most important thing I do in my practice.

I give patients my full attention. I remain with them during the entire treatment, and incorporate subtle energetic touch.  After treatments, I may offer simple exercises and make dietary recommendations.

I work with all kinds of people—artists, writers, dancers, executives, administrators, mothers, fathers and children—toward balance and healing through renewed integration of body, mind, spirit.


Tian Long Gong (天龍宮) Palace of the Heavenly Dragon, Mt. Qingcheng
Photo Credit: Storm Morales