“I came to see Laura after suffering excruciating pain for three months while breastfeeding my daughter. I’d gone to a number of lactation consultants, a breast surgeon, and my own doctor (a famous New York City gynecologist and my daughter’s pediatrician) and was told that the pain would subside (it did not) or that I should give up breastfeeding and switch to formula. Laura, though, managed to make the pain disappear within three treatments, thus changing my life and my daughter’s life. Laura gave me a chance to focus on loving and nurturing my baby, who is still nursing after 11 months. I am left forever grateful to her for this gift.”

“I’m a freelancer with an unpredictable schedule and clients all over the city, and as a result, I carry around a lot of tension, both physical and mental. Over the past few years, I’ve called on Laura to alleviate acute lower back pain, chronic shoulder tension, and cold extremities. Laura is an astute, intuitive practitioner, with a calming presence. The relief and relaxation I experience after a treatment with her is profound.”

“Laura is one of the most patient and professional doctors in her field that I have ever worked with. Working with me in person, and long distance with herbal consultation, she treated a skin condition that had been giving me so much discomfort that everything I did was affected. I don’t intend to compare her to Wonder Woman, but she does have abilities. Laura is a truly gifted practitioner of the healing arts.”

“Three years ago, I developed a yeast infection that persisted for months. During that time I went to two gynecologists who told me that the infection was normal and prescribed medications that did absolutely nothing. I also changed my diet. Nothing helped, and the emotional distress of not finding a cure made me feel worse. Then a friend recommended Laura for acupuncture. Within the first few treatments I felt an improvement, and in a few weeks, the infection went away. Laura treated me as a whole being—she listened to me talk about what I was experiencing and how I was feeling. I continue to see Laura for whatever aliments pop up. I trust her implicitly. Her knowledge of the practice is deep and passionate. I am endlessly grateful that I found such a caring and professional acupuncturist.”