Welcoming in the Yang Wood Horse

Tibet Horse

Greetings and Happy

Chinese New Year!

It seems fitting to launch my website and post my first blog entry with the entrance of the Yang Wood Horse.

January 31, 2014 is the start of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Yang Wood Horse. The Horse is considered a Fire creature, and this is the year when Yang Wood is said to be sitting on top of Fire.

The Yang elements of Wood and Fire feed off of each other, which results in a very productive year, though not necessarily a peaceful one.

The upcoming year will be much faster-paced and intense than the Yin Water Snake year. It’s a great time for expansion and business. At the same time, the galloping stride can be exhausting, and one must be mindful not to over-spend or over-consume.

Yang forces are full of energy, so don’t be surprised if Mother Nature is also fired up. More wind, storms, fires, volcanoes erupting, droughts, etc … Protecting the environment is an imperative!

Health-wise, the Liver and Heart energetics are most affected this year, as well as blood circulation. Head, shoulders and tendons may be more susceptible to injury. It’s also an important year to protect the eyes. Next month, I’ll talk about Qi Gong exercises for strengthening the eyes and dietary suggestions to nourish the eyes.

With an increase of wind in the environment, we tend to get more headaches (tension and migraines). If you suffer from headaches, be sure to maintain balance through preventative treatment. Inflammation and chronic issues are also apt to flare up this year.

It’s an important year for fitness and sports. We’ll be inspired to institute new dietary and fitness regiments into our lives. And expect to see great athleticism in the Olympic games!

Saying Farewell to the Yin Water Snake:

As we say good-bye to the challenging, but transformative year of the Yin Water Snake, it’s good to reflect on the difficult times past. It was a year of moving slower, purging and shedding of old skin. Water wears down even the hardest substances and this was a year of rebirth. At the end of the year, you may have found yourself purging physically with stomach and respiratory pathogens. Or you may have found yourself cleaning out closets and ending relationships or jobs that no longer serve you.

In these last couple days of Snake year, continue clearing out that which no longer serves; there’s no need to carry it into the new year. So shed your old skin by clearing clutter in your surroundings, your mind, and your body.

But once the Yang Wood Horse is upon us, stop the clearing. According to Chinese custom, no cleaning should be done on the first day of the New Year. This is the day when the good fortunes of the year enter—you don’t want to sweep them away!

I look forward to being a part of your health care solutions in the year to come!

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